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2KO Tanzania offers online Risk Management Professional courses in  Dar es Salaam. We also offer full time Risk Management Professional courses in Dar es Salaam for groups of four or more delegates. 2KO Tanzania's Risk Management Professional course is offered to our international and local students. 2KO Africa is a professional training company, delivering cutting edge programs in the IT space and in selected business applications. Our training is offered online, live online and also by instructor led classes. 2KO Africa's business courses are available world-wide, many of them leading to European Certification, to ensure students have access to the best Risk Management Professional training in Tanzania.


Risk Management Professional

This course is in preparation for the PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) exam. PMI's Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) credential is a solution to project management's increasing growth, complexity and diversity. Globally recognized and demanded, the PMI-RMP fills the need for a specialist role in project risk management. This certification recognizes the professionals unique expertise and competency in assessing and identifying project risks, mitigating threats and capitalizing on opportunities, while still possessing a core knowledge and practical application in all areas of project management.


Module 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Overview Part 1

1.3 Overview Part 2

1.4 Overview Part 3

1.5 Overview Part 4

1.6 Overview Part 5


Module 2: Risk Management Concepts

2.1 Risk Definition And Project Risk Management Part 1

2.2 Risk Definition And Project Risk Management Part 2

2.3 Critical Success Factors For Project Risk Management

2.4 Overall And Individual Risks, Roles And Responsibilities


Module 3: Risk Management Environment

3.1 Organizational Risk Attitudes

3.2 Organizational Structures

3.3 Stakeholder Identification And Analysis

3.4 Stakeholder Risk Tolerances And Risk Attitudes


Module 4: Project Definition

4.1 Defining The Project And Project Management Plan

4.2 Scope Management Part 1

4.3 Scope Management Part 2

4.4 Scope Management Part 3

4.5 Schedule Management Part 1

4.6 Schedule Management Part 2

4.7 Schedule Management Part 3

4.8 Cost Management Part 1

4.9 Cost Management Part 2

4.10 Quality Management


Module 5: Risk Management Planning

5.1 Risk Management Planning

5.2 Critical Success Factors


Module 6: Risk Identification

6.1 Risk Identification

6.2 Project Scope Risk

6.3 Project Schedule Risk

6.4 Resource Risk

6.5 Tools And Techniques Part 1

6.6 Tools And Techniques Part 2

6.7 Tools And Techniques Part 3

6.8 Tools And Techniques Part 4


Module 7: Qualitative Risk Analysis

7.1 Qualitative Risk Analysis

7.2 Tools And Techniques Part 1

7.3 Tools And Techniques Part 2


Module 8: Quantitative Risk Analysis

8.1 Quantitative Risk Analysis

8.2 Tools And Techniques Part 1

8.3 Tools And Techniques Part 2

8.4 Tools And Techniques Part 3


Module 9: Risk Response Planning

9.1 Risk Response Planning

9.2 Risk Responses

9.3 Negative And Positive Risk Responses

9.4 Tools And Techniques Part 1

9.5 Tools And Techniques Part 2

9.6 Results


Module 10: Risk Monitoring And Controlling

10.1 Risk Monitoring And Controlling

10.2 Tools And Techniques

10.3 Conclusion